Annual Highlights


  • Supported the EBSP Loggerhead Sea Turtle project which this year saw a record of 240 nests laid (compared the previous record set last year of 178 nests).
  • Increased FRESPACE membership through an increased emphasis on local recruitment and solicitation of corporate sponsors.
  • Provided volunteer support for Turtle Fest.
  • Generated $1,140.77 in revenue through the sale of Turtle Nightwalk T-shirts to help fund turtle related projects.
    • Lowcountry animal decals for the ELC
    • Repairs to the turtle golf cart
    • Bird seed for the ELC bird sanctuary
    • ELC Touch tank Plexiglas backdrop
    • Display upgrades for new ELC animal tanks
    • Purchase of “I Survived” T-shirts
    • Additional screens to protect sea turtle nests from predation
    • A GPS to precisely record sea turtle nest locations
  • Made a concerted effort to improve our semi-annual newsletter; improved and launching a Facebook account.
  • Co-hosted with McConkey’s and Edisto United a Business After Hours event in January. Also worked with the Chamber to our visibility in the Chamber’s Edisto Island Guide.
  • Regularly cleared debris from and blew off the Park trails helping make them, as attested by SCPRT personnel, among the best maintained in the SC park system.
  • Supported new aquarium for the Environmental Learning Center.
  • Helped fund a new projector for the ACE Basin video in the in Learning Center.
  • Added the capability of paying for FRESPACE dues (and other contributions) via PayPal.


  • Display upgrades for the new aquarium tanks
  • Touch tank plexi-glass backdrop
  • Tires and repairs for Turtle Patrol Golf Cart
  • Projector and screen for ELC video room
  • Lumber to replace the bridges on the Bache Monument Trail and handrails on the boardwalk along the Scott Creek Trail
  • Bird seed for the ELC bird sanctuary
  • Replacement for tankless water heater in the ELC
  • Turtle probes, pickets, and other supplies for the turtle project
  • Lowcountry animal decals for Enviornmental Learning Center (ELC)


  • Purchased “I survived….” t-shirts for turtle walks as a fundraiser.
  • Allocated up to $350 per year for bird seed for Environmental Learning Center (ELC) bird sanctuary.
  • Authorized up to $300 for replacement for the small tankless water heater under the sink in the ELC aquarium room.
  • Allocated $78 for FRESPACE to become a non-profit member of the Edisto Chamber of Commerce. This will give the Edisto Beach State Park (EBSP) and FRESPACE increased publicity for events and initiatives.
  • Funded the repair of the ELC water cooler.
  • Authorized up to $150 to install a sight barrier around the ELC rain barrels.
  • Allocated $100 for food items for the 2014 Beach/River Sweep.
  • Funded $314.08 for sea turtle nest probes and other project materials.
  • Allocated up to $1000 to purchase materials to widen boardwalks and to repair metal fence on Scott Creek Trail boardwalk.


  • Funded $1500 towards the $3500 cost to replace golf cart for the turtle patrol. The cart is a one-year old, fully refurbished Club Car with an aluminum frame.
  • Funded a live Leyland Cypress tree for the ELC Christmas season. The tree was planted in front of the ELC after Christmas.
  • Allocated up to $1000 to acquire the first order of t-shirts for sale at turtle night walks. This paid for itself and returned a profit.
  • Allocated $100 for food items for the annual Beach/River Sweep.
  • Funded $75.00 for a new salinity meter.
  • Funded $112.00 for the pH temperature meter.
  • Funded $84.48 for two 100’ hoses, racks and nozzles at the ELC boat walkway.
  • Covered the $275 cost to repair the broken fence posts around the Bache Monument.