Frespace Announces Edisto Beach State Park Turtle Inventories 2018

Turtle nest inventories for Edisto Beach State Park are scheduled for every Wednesday and Friday, 6:30 p.m. at the white office building at the beach in the day-use area. These inventories will continue through the end of the turtle hatching season. The public is welcome to attend, and reservations are not necessary. It is recommended that those wishing to attend, contact the Environmental Learning Center (843-869-4430) on the day of the walk to confirm that there are nests to inventory.

During inventories, spectators can watch as the turtle staff and volunteers inventory nests that have hatched. During this process, numbers are recorded of the hatched eggs, unhatched eggs, and baby turtles that were unable to emerge from the nests. Any live baby turtles are set free to walk to the ocean.

Flash photography and/or handling of adult turtles, eggs, or hatchlings is prohibited by Federal Law except by those who have a sea turtle permit issued by DNR.