FRESPACE Hole Patrol: Volunteers Needed

Description: Walking in a team of two in the day-use area of the state park beach. Help to pick up trash, and level any abandoned holes and sandcastles to ensure a smooth, and clean beach for our beach walkers and our sea turtles. You can also provide a friendly reminder to those still on the beach to knock down their sandcastles and fill in holes once they are done for the day. Once done with the patrol, swing by the trash and recycle receptacles near the beach access to sort the trash finds and enter into the app. “Clean Swell”.

When: Beginning May 13th, occurring every day or select days of the week, depending on volunteer interest, from 6pm until 8pm (approx.)

Where: Collect supplies from EB-70 (the shed across from the beach kiosk) prior to patrol and return when finished.

Supplies needed:
• Volunteer vests
• Beach cart
• Trash bucket
• Nitrile gloves
• Small shovel
• Rake
• One volunteer with their personal phone with the app, “Clean Swell”
• Enter trash into group name, “FRESPACE”

If interested in volunteering on hole patrol, please email: Leah Schwartzentruber at: [email protected]