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Welcome to FRESPACE!

We are FRESPACE, that is FRiends of Edisto Beach State Park and the Edisto ACE Basin Environmental Learning Center (ELC). Founded in October 2002, we are a South Carolina corporation with tax exempt 501(c)(3) status.

Our purpose is to solicit volunteers and raise funds to support local educational and recreational projects for the public by enhancing the park systems, Environmental Learning Center, Ranger Station, and park grounds.

Critter of the Month

photos of molting stages of juvenile spider crabWe’re proud to introduce Peter Parker (or if a female, Petra Parker), a juvenile spider crab living in our touch tank at the Environmental Learning Center. He is a type of decorator crab and sometimes tries to hide by placing bits of sea shells and sand from our touch tank on his back as camouflage. He has bristles or hooks (known as setae) on his back that resemble Velcro, and in the wild, he might attach sponges, hydroids, or bits of algae as camouflage. Peter Parker’s favorite food is bait shrimp, but he’ll also eat detritus. In South Carolina, we have two species of spider crabs: (1) Libinia dubia, the longnose spider crab, with approximately six bumps down the center of its back (carapace), and (2) Libinia emarginata, the portly spider crab, with approximately nine bumps. These crabs are capable of walking both forwards and sideways and can be typically found at depths of up to 150 feet and rarely at depths of up to 400 feet. Peter Parker’s shell may grow to approximately 4 inches with a leg span of 12 inches. He recently outgrew his shell and molted, changing from a smaller tan-colored crab to a larger dark gray crab.

FRESPACE Announcements

Edisto Beach State Park Events Turtlefest Volunteering

Volunteers Needed for Turtle Fest 2021

Would you like to volunteer to help with the 2021 EBSP Turtle Fest on June 19, 2021? Volunteers are needed...
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Great American Cleanup: Keep Edisto Beautiful

Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 9:00 am.  Registration is available through the Keep Edisto Beautiful Facebook page!  You can also...
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Environmental Learning Center FRESPACE Membership

FRESPACE Memberships and ELC

The Edisto Beach State Park has advised us they will no longer accept payment for FRESPACE memberships at the ELC...
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Environmental Learning Center Sea Turtles

New Turtle Exhibit at the ELC

Have you seen the new Turtle Exhibit at the ELC? This display was made possible by the donations of FRESPACE...
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COVID-19 Edisto Beach State Park Environmental Learning Center Social Distancing

Summer Season for State Park and Social Distancing

Attention: FRESPACE Member: The busy summer season for the State Park is approaching. Due to social distancing guidelines, the park...
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